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Neue Schwyzer Zeitung vom 20.07.2013

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Tele 1 TV coverage from 22.07.2013 (under 22.07.2013 nachrichten)

Friday 26th of July 2013

Final result of the Yngling Open World Championship 2013

Summary of the day:

The Race Officer made every effort to make another race day in this Championship possible. On Lake Gersau a Regatta Course was set up in the early morning but in the end wasn't needed at all. Thankfully in Lake Uri a close to perfect thermal wind developed and spoiled the sailers with 3 - 6 Beauforts. For some of the sailors, this certainly was a bit of a challenge.
A total of 3 races could be sailed. While the Netherlands again managed to dominate race 1, Germany and Denmak (in Race 2) and Switzerland (in Race 3) managed to claim first and second.

All in all, the Dutch dominance was still not beatable in Brunnen. The final score lists a triple victory for the Netherlands(NED 356 with Haven Hidde-Jan,
van Arem Don, van der Werf Auke followed by NED328 and NED336)  closely followed by Sweden, two more Dutch teams and in seventh place as the best Swiss Team SUI 457 with Skipper Rico Gregorini and his crew Pascal Alder and Flavia Gregorini.

The Organisational Committee consisting of Suisse Ynling and Regattaverein Brunnen would like to thank all the sailers from around the globe for fantastic two weeks and great behavior!

Thursday 25th of July 2013

Summary of the day:

After a promising start in the morning with thermal winds getting quite stable, a patch of rain clouds in ther very wrong moment switched the thermal engine off. There was again good sailing wind in Lake Gersau but not good enough for a World Championship regatta. The Race Officer took the tough but right decision not to start any races today. Hopefully we are meeting different conditions tomorrow.

Lot's of sunshine and a great national evening of DEN, SWE, NOR, AUS and CH made this day a memorable happening anyway!

Wednesday 24th of July 2013

Summary of the day:

No race could be saled today unfortunately. The sky was too cloudy to allow the thermal engine to start. We had OK south east winds on Lake Gersau which for a "normal" regatta might have sufficed. For this World Championship however we want to provide the perfect conditions. This is why the Race Officer at 1PM decided that there will be no start today. He also announced that tomorrow Thursday will be NO spare day. Weather forcast predict nice winds for tomorrow on Lake Uri again.

Tuesday 23rd July 2013


Final results of the second two races of the Yngling Open World Championships

Summary of the day:

They did it again!
The Netherlands are still dominating this World Championship. After a total of 4 races not less than 7 dutch teams are amongst the first 9!

Soon after the skipper meeting the Race Officer decided to leave the harbour for Lake Uri where the sailors were met by quite good thermal winds already. Race one was started quite immediate but ended as fast with a mass early start. At the second attempt it all went well and a fair race could be sailed with wind speeds of 3-4 Bft. SWE 36 with Yngling President Matthias Dalström managed to win this race. The second race was then dominated clearly by the dutch team. The winner boat NED 355 won this race with impressive 3 minutes distance to number two. Impressive was also the team performance of the Dutch team in this second race, the first five boats were from the Netherlands!
When Martin Koller, the Race Officer, started all looked like there could be a 3rd proper race this day. Unfortunately about half an hour later, the thermal winds decided that this was it for the day and almost instantly stopped so that this 3rd race had to be aborted.

In the evening an alpine thunderstrom of about 7-8 Bft developed right at Marina Fallenbach and forced the sailors to search shelter in the tent. Well the Dutch knew how to take advantage of this too . . .

Monday 22nd July 2013

Final results of the first two races of the 2013 Ynling Open World Championships.


Summary of the day:

Netherlands dominating the first day of the Yngling OWC, Sweden avoiding a total NED day!
Today the termal wind arrived a bit earlier than yesterday and a nice and steady 3Bft wind built up and stayed for about 3 hours. During this time 2 perfect races were sailed. In both races the competitors from the Netherlands took first and second, followed by a strong Sweden.  

After the two perfect races the winds started to get unsteady so the Race Officer decided not to run a 3rd race today. For tomorrow weather forecast predicts similar sailing conditions.


Sunday 21st July 2013

Final scoring of the Youth European Championship and the Cristal Cup


Summary of the day:

Today was the final day of the Youth European Championship and the Christal Cup. At the same time a tune up race for the World Championship was conducted.
The weather required some patience today as the thermals winds only slowly built up to steady 13 knots and sooner than normal disappeared again. For the one race planned however it was just fine.

At 5PM the Opening Ceremony for the World Championship was opened at the Waldstätterhof in Brunnen. Two Alphorn blowers initiated the ceremony with their beautiful songs that perfectly fitted into the postcard like scenery.
Around 5:30PM Matthias Dalström (President Yngling International) declared the OWC 2013 officially open!

After the Open World Championship ceremony, the results of this weeks races were announced and prizes given.
The new Youth European Champions are: Zafiryadis Lange Frederik, Möller Max Emil and Floryan Konrad from Denmark (DEN195). They succeeded to finish 1st in 6 out of 6 counting races! Congratulation to their well deserved victory!
The Cristal Cup was won similarly superior by the boat NED355 of Jamin Maarten, Smolders Jaap and Berens Menno from the Netherlands, followed by the two Swiss boats SUI465 and SUI457. Congratulations to all winners too!


Saturday 20th July 2013


Scoring of the 3 races on 20th July 2013

Summary of the day:

Spot on 10AM the Race Officer Martin Koller opened the Skippers Meeting. The forecast for today was about the same as for yesterday which meant, that another fantastic day lay ahead of us. 23 boats competed in 3 full races with steady thermal winds of 12-16 knots and lot's of sunshine. Perfect sailing conditions simply!

On shore meanwhile another 12 boats have lauched to water so that only a few more need lauching tomorrow.

Friday 19th July 2013


Scoring of the 3 races on 19th July 2013

Summary of the day:

About 50% of all WC participants have meanwhile registered at the Race Office of which 24  boats competed in the Youth European Championship and the Cristal Cup that were officially opened this morning.

Perfect weather conditions and unusual early thermal winds got the teams to start quickly and leave the harbour soon after the skipper meeting was finished.
For roughly 3 hours we got straigt winds of between 3Bf to 5Bf and hence were able to conduct 2 perfect races on full length. The last race was however shortened as it seemed like a thunderstorm was developing and unsteady winds jeopardized the quality of the race. The Race Officer didn't want to take any risk and like this got all participants home safely back to the harbour.



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